Analytics project
for Auchan HR department
October 2015 - April 2017

Project description
"Auchan" LTD staff management department requested modification of existing solution about analytics of various business processes of department.
Realization tools were chosen in HR BI project and following processes were transferred:

• Recruitment;
• Dismissals;
• Absence hours;
• Regular staffing ;
• Staff turnover;
• Productivity;
• Etc.

Involved technologies:
Oracle RDBMS 11g, Oracle BI EE 12c, Oracle Data Integrator 11g, Java & etc

We were involved in complete cycle of the project and worked on subcontract.

Data flow scheme
There are data sources with whole information about company's employees on the level of "Source level".
All necessary data is retrieved from these sources and transformed with the help of special technologies, and data is loaded in resulting tables.
As a result, HR specialist gets single report about all employees with all necessary information.
Received reports are interactive, which let the specialist change the parameters of requests and visual picture of unloading results.
Also, specialist will be able to analyze current situation about employees and make right decisions on optimization of working process.

New analysis system for top HR management is created and interactive reports on business-metrics are customized.
System speeded up the time for decision making and brought clarity to HR analytics.