Business analysis system for IPON buyers
May 2017 — December 2018

Project description
The main purpose is to build, unfold and integrate a single application to negotiate with buyers for all countries of the Auchan retail.

Involved technologies:
Oracle Exadata, Oracle RDBMS 11g, Oracle BI EE 12c, Qlik View, Oracle Data Integrator 11g, Java & etc.

We were involved in complete cycle of the project and worked on subcontract.

Data flow scheme:

1. Initially, all the original data is situated at the "Source level" in the databases, from which hereinafter all the necessary data for process is extracted.
2. At the "Stage level", all data from concerned tables is extracted to a temporary data warehouse. Temporary data warehouse is used in order to prevent damaging the integrity and stability of the original system.
3. Data conversion takes place at the level of Detailed level. Data gets prepared to placing in storages at this stage. Afterwards, the data is loaded into the data warehouse.
4. The data loading for the required period takes place at the next level of "DataMart level". Afterwards, this period is loaded into separate tables, where all historical data is stored at the level - Month / Supplier / nomenclature article. IPON stores all data got from the received tables for the selected period.
5. Reports with received uploading data are situated at the final level "Report level".

Based on the results of the work, the system with more than 30 indices for supplier analytics + typing reports in Oracle BIEE / Qlik View was created.
The system let us to analyze main indices of the activity of purchase office in order to increase the efficiency of negotiations with suppliers.