of virtual HR assistant
February 2016 - February 2017

Project description
Proof of concepts for bank, telecom operator and production.
Projects were received due to won contests of companies.

Involved technologies:
Python, C++, ML, DL, Docker & etc

Data flow scheme
User formulates matter of concerns on necessary subject on the level 1 (from the scheme presented above).
Formulated text is sent to the level, where message exchange takes place. Necessary information from trained system is requested to return needed answer to user's question.
Knowledge base on necessary subject is formulated on the level 4 (from the scheme presented above).
System is trained with the help of special algorithms.
In the result of training, system can answer majority of questions regarding chosen subject.
When system finds necessary answer to question posed, received information returns back to the user as a text.

Pilot projects are carried out.
Industrial implementation was postponed – companies tried to reproduce a solution.