September 2017 - December 2018

Project description
Implementation of this system was necessary for ensuring survival and competitiveness, increasing of income and profitability, optimizing sales volume and share of market.

Involved technologies:
Oracle Exadata, Oracle RDBMS 12g, Oracle BI EE 12c, Oracle Data Integrator 12g, Java, Python & etc

We were involved in complete cycle of the project and worked on subcontract.

Data flow scheme
1. Initially, the data is situated in various data sources.
2. All the necessary data for uploads must be retrieved in the data warehouse.
The data warehouse is used in order not to let the integrity and stability of the original system to get damaged.
3. At the next stage the converted data can be used at the workplace of the employee. Prepared data sets can be used on a special price calculator. Also, the employee can look through all the information that interests with the help of the specially prepared mechanism. For a more general understanding, an employee can analyze the received data using the advanced analytics system. All systems with which the employee works are connected with each other.
4. After all necessary actions completed, the employee can do one general unloading in 1C.

The system allows you to set up, predict and recommend prices at various strategies at the level of points of sale.
It fully replaced the existing systems used for pricing department reports. It allowed to set up the prices up to the level of stores.
At OPE brought 5 million rubles per month.