Client's single profiles

Project description
The main goal — increase of commerce activity indices including website.

Involved technologies:
Oracle Exadata, Oracle BI EE 12c, Oracle Data Integrator 11g, Java & etc.

We were involved in complete cycle of the project and worked on subcontract.

Presented solution lets to conduct whole information, which is necessary for creating actual offer for client, in single profile.
System tracks what the client bought, when it happened and how the purchase was made. That lets to offer a client only those goods, which he or she interested in.
Specialist, who works with system, in one place can knowmatter of concerns about client, see main key indices, according to which it's possible to make profitable offer later on.
Also, system lets to carry out sales analysis.

Magento, DWH (sales analysis) integration.
Client's profiles were created (Who, what, when and how buys?)
KPI systems for clients for making decisions were developed.