Developing solutions for client — from an idea to an industrial solution

DWH/BI/Big Data
Reports automation
Tools Business Intelligent - Oracle BI, Power BI, Tableau, QlickView, JavaScript
Creation of data warehouses, data mart
DBMS - Oracle, Terradata, Clickhouse, Postgress
Data loading tools (ETL) - Oracle Data Integrator, Informatica, Java
Creation of Data Lake
Integration of data warehouse and various file sources Hadoop, Spark, Kafka

Machine Learning
Tasks related with machine learning,
neural networks and data analysis (Data Science)
Data Science
Forecast models for retail
Outflow forecast
Equipment failure forecast
Computer Vision
Detection of objects on pictures
Semi-automated video parser: analysis and description of scenes and dialogues in video
Anti-fraud in a store
Natural Language Processing
Question-answer systems
Search of blurred duplicates of recordings
Libraries and methods
Pandas; NumPy & etc
PyTorch; Keras; TensorFlow; Theano & etc
word2vec; pymorphy2; PyText; NLTK; spaCy; BERT & etc

Projects management
Flexible methodology - Kanban, Scrum & etc
Classic approach to projects management
Methodology for Data Science projects